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About Fire Door Solutions
Fire Door Solutions is a privately-owned company based in Overland Park, KS. Fire Door Solutions was created to assist commercial facilities management departments with the ever-changing codes and requirements for fire rated doors, fire dampers, fire door & frame field re-labeling, life safety plans and firestopping. Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated by our ANAB ISO 17020 accreditation for fire door inspections, fire damper inspections and field re-labeling of fire doors and frames.

Most facilities management departments are currently maxed out on their responsibilities and manpower. The last thing they need is yet another compliance regulation requiring more manpower and resources. Fire Door Solutions saw a need to simplify the process of compliance for commercial facilities. Our commitment of “Compliance Made Easy” literally explains the mission of the company.

We desire that all employees reach their full potential using their God-given talents and abilities. Fire Door Solutions is committed to educating and developing our people to reach this potential. The reality is that the growth of the company is the key to providing a variety of career paths and promotion opportunities. Consequently, growth is a critical success factor at Fire Door Solutions. This makes understanding what makes growth happen critical to our collective success.

We are in the business of helping others, help others survive life-threatening events. Why? So that others’ employees and guests may return home safely to family and friends. Our lives matter to those in the future whose lives are threatened by potential events at the various facilities where we perform services. Is there a more noble calling than to do the work we do, ensuring the future safety of employees and guests so they may return home?

Our Inspectors and Compliance technicians travel the country performing services for hundreds of clients each year. Our significant growth each year leads to many additional career opportunities for those on our team.

If you are interested in learning more about specific opportunities with Fire Door Solutions; please click here and include your resume.