Fire Rated Re-Labeling Services

New Offering! Fire Door Solutions is now accredited to Re-Label Fire Exit Devices.

  • Fire Door Re-Labeling
  • Fire Door Frame Re-Labeling
  • Fire Exit Device Re-Labeling (NEW!)

Are your fire doors properly rated and labeled to meet NFPA 80 standards? If not, your fire doors may be the catalyst that turns a routine AHJ inspection into a long and intrusive review of your life safety practices and protocols.

We know how frustrating it can be to wait months for the large testing labs to respond to your requests for field labeling of fire doors.   Wait no longer! Fire Door Solutions offers Fire Door and Frame, and Fire Exit Device Re-Labeling Services to complement its fire door/frame and fire damper inspection and compliance services. Our competent and qualified professionals will make compliance easy.

Let Fire Door Solutions get you fully and quickly into compliance.

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Please click on the link ANAB Accreditation to view the accreditation certificate and scope.

Fire Door Solutions – Compliance made easy.