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Your next fire damper survey is just one inspection away from peace of mind

Dampers are the first line of defense against flame, smoke, and heat during a fire. And while inspections are only required every six years for hospitals, and every four years for nursing homes and long-term care facilities, just one faulty damper can have catastrophic consequences to your life safety systems.

Fortunately, regular maintenance of your dampers gives your facility the assurance and safety you need to prevent unforeseen problems, heavy citations, and fines. Prevent surprises during your next damper survey…and for years to come.

“Will my facility need fire damper repairs?”

The “above ceiling” team at Fire Door Solutions inspects to guidelines set forth by NFPA (80, 90, & 105).

Don’t leave your next survey to chance.

Fire & Smoke Damper Inspection

We understand that fire and smoke damper inspections are critical to the safety of the lives within your care. Our skilled team of technicians conducts a thorough assessment of your fire and smoke damper system using your Life Safety Prints and mechanical plans to determine a total damper count. We label, record, and track every damper and provide you with a comprehensive digital & written report of our findings. We’re your compliance partner, working alongside facilities management to inform and prepare your team for your next fire damper & smoke damper survey, and a full pathway toward NFPA compliance. 

Fire & Smoke Damper Repair

Fire Door Solutions provides solutions for damper repairs and installation. We’ll automatically replace missing or broken fusible links and clear track debris during your inspection. We’re also here to assist with post-inspection damper repairs found during your inspection.

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