Fire Door Solutions

After completing fire damper inspections and testing, the client must act to rectify any identified deficiencies per code. 

Fire Door Solutions has a team of specially trained and qualified experts to repair both minor and major deficiencies. These team members are also able to identify opportunities to decommission dampers that are no longer required.  

Once a facility professional has determined that a life safety feature is no longer required by the Life Safety Code, then the item can be removed, but only the visible portions obvious to the public must be removed.

One example of a life safety feature that can be decommissioned are smoke dampers which are no longer required by code in an area that was renovated and provided with sprinklers throughout.

Combination fire/smoke dampers that are concealed from the public and no longer required due to life safety plan changes may remain. However, it is a good idea to render them useless or decommissioned.


  • Identify dampers eligible for decommission

  • Get client release to decommission dampers

  • Field technicians will secure damper open and disconnect any supply if applicable

  • Damper will be removed from future maintenance schedule


Each damper is mapped onto the life safety drawings for identification. Final report will show which dampers have failed, passed, and have been decommissioned.

Do you have dampers eligible for decommissioning? We can help verify.

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