Fire Door Solutions

Inspections are required one-year after new installations and then 4-6 years thereafter to ensure proper operation and function.

Fire Door Solutions will follow your life safety plans to locate and label all fire and smoke dampers. We will label ceiling grids, with a concern for aesthetics, just below where dampers are located so that AHJ’s or your building maintenance team can locate them easily for testing or maintenance.


Inspect all Fire and Smoke Dampers

Provide a list of major repairs required

Indicate damper locations on Life safety plans

Place an ID sticker on each damper

Label ceilings with damper presence

Provide AHJ compliant documentation


Our professional Damper Inspectors will test the actuation of every manual, pneumatic, and electric damper and recommend ways in which actuation and testing can be made more efficient to ensure the safety of personnel, reduce the costs of future inspections, and protect the lives of others. We will label each damper with a unique bar code. In this way, all inspection and repair activities and related notes are stored in our cloud database for future reference and retrieval by simply using a tablet to scan the barcode. A hardcopy report is also produced and shipped to you after your inspection is complete.

Inspection is just the first step.

What’s next? ​Fire Damper Repair

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