Fire Door Solutions

Correct costly mistakes and risks before they happen

Firestopping issues are hard to spot and even harder to reach. With regular building maintenance and upgrades, your facility may be left with non-compliant holes and barrier penetration that put your hospital at risk.

As the industry leaders in passive fire protection services, we’re experts in compliance response for fire-resistant joint systems and perimeter fire barrier systems. Keep your facility safe in critical moments with accurate, timely, and professional compliance solutions.

Prevent hidden firestopping compliance issues

The Fire Door Solutions team is highly trained and certified through Firestop Contractors International Association (FCIA) to ensure you successfully navigate life safety requirements.

Don’t leave your next survey to chance.

Firestopping Surveys

With all the new construction and remodeling in healthcare facilities, it’s essential that your barriers are compliant. Any changes to cable wire, plumbing, or holes drilled into a firewall or barrier could put your firestopping compliance at risk.

Our specially trained technicians survey your barriers above-ceiling and provide a comprehensive list of penetrations to get your fire and smoke barriers fully compliant.

FireStopping Remediation

Firestopping Remediation

We make firestopping our priority so you don’t have to. We provide installation of any UL-approved system for full firestopping coverage. Our team will document the system protocol with complete reporting to satisfy both internal compliance teams and accreditation surveyors.

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