Fire Door Solutions


To help you maintain the on-going list of penetrations and safety risks associated with mismanaged cable lines, having an experienced firestop service provider is a pivotal part of your compliance program.  If you choose FDS as your partner in compliance we can install any UL-approved system and will document the system protocol each step of the way, providing you with industry-leading reporting to satisfy both internal compliance teams and accreditation surveyors.  The danger of non-compliant fire and smoke barriers and the risk to your CMS funding are simply too great to not use Fire Door Solutions for your firestop remediation.


Repair all penetrations

Install UL-approved firestop system

Place Asset ID sticker on repaired penetrations

Affix system warning labels

Indicate penetration locations on Life Safety Plan

Provide AHJ compliant documentation


FDS will provide a report detailing the type and quantity of penetrations, and systems installed with the location of penetration as well as system spec sheets to provide to your AHJ upon inspection. The warning label affixed to each penetration will include the UL system number, the products used and the date of installation.

FireStopping Remediation

Additional Services

Cabling and Junction Box Remediation

FDS will perform above ceiling low voltage cable maintenance as needed to secure bundles no more than 6” in diameter. This service includes formal documentation of unaddressed remediation issues, including repair specifications.

Looking to complete your remediation the same time as your survey?

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