Fire Door Solutions

Firestopping Scab Patch/
Electrical Wiring & Junction Box Management

Scab Patching, otherwise known as “hot patches” or “lap patches” are unfortunately a prevalent method used to patch a penetration to a barrier wall. There’s a common misconception in the industry that if you surround this patch with enough red caulk, it would be compliant on a rated barrier wall. This however is NOT the case. Scab Patches have never been laboratory tested as an approved system for remediating a penetration in a rated barrier. There are many different issues pertaining to Scab Patches being an unreliable repair such as the thickness of the gypsum used, how many layers are required per code, and the screw patterns per building code.

That being said, there are several approved options when it comes to a compliant repair to this type of wall penetration. Our skilled technicians have been trained and certified to determine the best approved Fire Stop System to fully remediate Scab Patches. We have many different options to help you become survey ready and life safety compliant.

Electrical Wiring and Junction Box Management

Electrical wiring and junction boxes above ceiling are often a mystery as they are typically hidden from view during normal business activities. The code compliance of these items is one of the most important life safety aspects of any building. That being said, we often find that non-compliance only gets discovered during the accreditation survey. This is unfortunate and we want to change that. NFPA has several standards when it comes to wiring such as wiring on sprinkler pipes and wiring on ceiling grid. This type of violation is one of the most common safety code violations along with open and uncovered junction boxes.

We have the knowledge and skills to both identify and remediate these issues and keep your facility in a constant state of readiness. Let’s take the mystery out of your above ceiling.

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