Fire Door Solutions

For fire and smoke barriers to work effectively in the event of a fire, all through-penetrations must be properly stopped with a UL-approved firestop product.  With common renovation and remodeling  in healthcare facilities, penetrations lurk in hard to see places and can easily become a large-scale compliance risk if not taken in stride.


Identify penetrations and head of wall issues

Repair deficiencies in required phases

Identify cables on sprinkler lines

Identify missing J-box covers

Indicate the location of each penetration on Life Safety Plan

Provide AHJ compliant documentation


Your documentation will reflect all identified penetrations that were in need of firestopping pursuant to the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code. An electronic report is provided to you detailing the type and quantity of each penetration on your rated walls.

FireStopping Remediation

Survey + Remediation models

We are aware of the budget constraints around firestopping and have created the following tiered maintenance models to help you get started.

Survey with Risk Focused Remediation

The Risk Focused Survey is a full survey of the entire facility, however FDS only completes remediation in the areas that have the highest risk of fire.  These designated areas align with the areas an AHJ is most likely to check during your survey.

 Although no areas are excluded from review this model allows you to show documentation of improvement and a plan-in-action to full compliance.

We provide a second proposal after the initial project to cover the areas that were not remediated because they did not fall into the high risk category.

It’s your choice whether you want us to revisit that work at a later time to spread out cost or have our professionals finish the remediation right away.

Firestopping Survey with Remediation

This is our most popular firestopping service as it streamlines your repair process. We can complete remediation within the same visit as your firestopping survey when scheduled accordingly. Our FDS technicians will perform an inspection of all fire rated walls and smoke barriers to identify penetrations in need of firestopping pursuant to the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code and repair any penetrations that can be repaired in 30 minutes of less, without additional parts or materials.

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