Fire Door Solutions

FDS provides an experienced consultant who has regulatory and accreditation expertise, adept survey readiness skills, deep healthcare experience, and the ability to help organizations make self-directed, continuous progress towards their goals long after the engagement is completed.


Conduct complete facility tour

Document and photograph deficiencies

Validate Life Safety Plans

Provide Deficiency Report

Engagement Levels

All Engagement Levels provide a detailed report including; identification of fire walls, penetrations, and hazardous rooms.

 FullThoroughRandom Sampling
Review of life safety plans/drawings​YesYesYes
Photos & listing of 2012 NFPA 101 deficiencies​YesYesYes
Life safety policy review ​YesYes
Fire safety policy review​YesYes
Fire drill completion review​Yes
Fire drill matric schedule reviewYes
Employee discussions and educationYes
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