Fire Door Solutions

With the CMS adoption of the 2012 edition of the Life Safety Code and NFPA 80 standards, fire doors must be tested and inspected on an annual basis. A ruling of non-compliant by an authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) could be disastrous; not to mention the risk to life and property in the event of a fire. Each inspection is completed by an IFDIA certified Fire Door Solutions professional


Count all Fire, Smoke, Hazardous Areas, Suite Doors

Complete 13 point Inspection

Notate all deficiencies and recommended means of repair

Label doors on LSP for easy location

Unique (identifier pin) or (barcode) for each door

Provide AHJ compliant documentation


Fire Door Solutions operates under the guidance of former TJC and CMS surveyors and provide you with a reporting format that sets you up for success. Fire door assets will be labeled with a unique identifier that makes searching for specific assets simple with our cloud-based reporting tool.  A hardcopy report is also produced and shipped to you within 2-3 days after your inspection is complete.

Looking to complete your Inspection and Repairs in one visit?

Inspection Care and Maintenance Model

We know you are working with a tight budget and occasionally a short timeline. We provide custom solutions to common problems and can create a maintenance model that best fits your restraints.

In addition to a fire door inspection our new maintenance model includes the following repairs be done directly following inspection:

Scope of Service:

  • Penetrations – Applying screws, through bolts, fire door caulking.
  • Clearances – Applying Shims and Minor Adjustments.
  • Closer and Latching Adjustments.
  • Fastener Replacement.
  • Apply Silencers.
  • Consult with client on signage and non-compliant plant-ons removal.

Want more information on our repair process?

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