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Mickey Eberts

Mickey Eberts


A dynamic and driven leader, Mickey focuses on how to leverage his people and lead them to success. He brings 20 years of experience in healthcare facilities management, consulting and project management. Mickey’s expansive industry knowledge, along with his ability to identify strengths within a team, enable him to develop strong business plans and execute them seamlessly.

He led the creation and integration of a $1 billion dollar facilities management portfolio (Plant Operations, Planning Design and Construction, Energy Management, Safety and Environment of Care). Within 2.5 years, the organization grew from four FTEs to over 3000 FTE. His teams eliminated millions of dollars in unnecessary costs from the operations of the healthcare systems by employing a unique strategy based on insourcing high margin activities, implementing value chain strategies and creating cost control structures. He created internships, development processes and mentoring programs to bring new leaders into an industry that has a rapidly increasing retirement cycle.

He has created energy management programs for hospitals of all sizes. The programs focused on consumption reduction strategies and delivering continuous improvement strategies to reduce overall utility spend and impact on the environment.

Mickey also has extensive experience leading support service operations including Medical Equipment, Nutrition Services, Environmental Services, Safety, Emergency Management and Security operations. This model provides an immediate advantage to medium and small hospitals by using cross-functional leadership strategies to remove cost and improve quality of services.

Mickey holds an MBA in Business and Finance, CHFM, passed the CEM and was previously certified in NICET level 2, fire alarm and fire suppression testing. 

Nhut Bui

Nhut Bui


Nhut brings a unique blend of perspectives to the organization. He is a strategist, a big picture thinker, a tactical financial management partner and a task-oriented leader who seamlessly executes plans to develop the business and the people within it. Nhut has held many roles in his career ranging from management to high level strategy development. This has enabled him to gain a unique perspective and take on various types of projects within the business.

He has a keen eye for detail and accuracy in creating business plans. He understands how to combine the talent of team members, the use of technology, the interpretation of data and industry knowledge to drive success. Nhut is the person who works hard behind the scenes to ensure the best results are yielded from initiatives put in place. He generates a focus on the push for deliverables and ways to increase revenue. He is a tactical leader who combines his experience, a variety of tools and resources and proven methods.

Nhut understands how a business operates, methods to grow it and how to engage in profitable acquisitions. He is focused on pursuing successful ventures and constantly thinks one step ahead. He shares ideas, encourages those around him and keeps an eye on industry trends.

Nhut’s credentials boast a Bachelors in Health Services Management, a Masters in Health/Health Care Administration/Management and his CHFM. He has used his education and strong work ethic to develop a one-billion-dollar healthcare facilities management portfolio. 

Ray Harper

Ray Harper


Executive VP, Human Resources

Ray is a strategic leader in Human Resources. He combines the ability to lead in tactical way with the understanding of the importance of empathy in the workplace. He has implemented numerous success yielding processes, payroll systems, developed comprehensive and appealing benefits offerings and effectively rolled out many initiatives that have led to enhancement of strategies within all areas of the company.

Ray contributes over 20 years of multi-state experience in Human Resources, Operations, Business Administration and Risk Management. He is a Veteran with 12 years of active-duty service in the US Army Military Police Corps. He combines his life experience, military knowledge, years of utilization of various educational resources and his SPHR and SHRM-SCP credentials to consistently uphold a strong and desirable workplace for team members. He integrated the LSAS application and had daily oversight of compliance with the ISO 17020 accreditation program.

As a multi-faceted leader, Ray utilizes his experience serving our country, his knowledge from working within many industries, including the hospitality and healthcare fields, and his broad knowledge in all aspects of Human Resources, legal compliance, etc. His number one goal is always to take care of the people, remove obstacles and generate a positive and successful energy within the business. 

Mark Pavlacka

Executive VP, Operations

Mark is a highly skilled leader who can seamlessly guide multiple types of operations concurrently in a high-volume, fast-paced environment while delivering the best results. His no nonsense approach to quality ensures that every client is happy with the work his team does for them, no matter how large or small the task. Mark shows precision in everything he does and expects the same from his team.

There is never a question of dedication to the client’s needs or the level of service when Mark is overseeing the operations. He works tirelessly with the teams throughout our business to provide resources to our technicians which ensure they can do their work in a timely manner, to the highest standards and within cost parameters. He has a proven track record of eliminating millions of dollars of spend to improve operating cost, budgeting, and long-term planning. 

Mark has a vast skillset spanning over 25 years and experience working within healthcare facilities, managing multidisciplinary departments and driving operational improvements. His success is derived from his ability to achieve results, mentor and develop strong leaders in the field from within the business. Mark understands the needs of a client and the operations and lead the operations teams to achieve optimal performance. 

Mark holds many certifications, including IFIDIA, 3M Firestop, STI Fit Level 1, STI Fit Level 2 and Hilti Life Safety. He leads all of our FDS service lines: doors, dampers and firestopping. This includes fire door inspections, repairs, maintenance, door relabeling, damper inspections and repairs, firestop surveys and remediation. 

Scott Richlin

Executive VP, Sales

Scott has a diverse blend of sales, business development, and management experience. He understands the importance of building successful connections within the business to drive success in client relationships outside the business. The ability to instill a relentless drive in his team leads to a strong desire by them to provide the best solutions for our clients. The focus on quality, innovation and integrity in our work is the guiding light of our salesforce and Scott ensures that this is a consistent deliverable. 

Scott is an approachable leader who supports all divisions within the business. Sales is the lifeblood of any strong organization, so having a leader like Scott is imperative. Our clients can rest assured that they will be well-served by our sales team in every capacity. Scott dedicates time and effort to continually developing our sales team and our dedication to our clients is reflective of that. 

A competitive athlete at heart, Scott holds a degree in Kinesiology from Benedictine College where he played baseball. He has transitioned his team spirit, coaching ability and eye for the win to a successful career in sales and business development. There is no better sales team to support the needs of our clients and Scott motivates and empowers every team member to go the extra mile to make sure we are always the best resource.

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